Size: G-Pot Grid 30 Litre (330mm)
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G-Pot Grids

 G-Pot Grids are designed for circular Fabric Pots but can also be used with traditional plastic pots, boasting improved base drainage and enhanced aeration. Crafted from heavy-duty virgin plastic that won't leach chemicals, crack, or deteriorate, these Grids feature larger legs for stability and bear a 100 kg load rating. In addition, G-Pots Grids conveniently stack for easy shipping and come in three sizes(diameter): 330 mm for up to 30 Litre pots, 440 mm for up to 50 Litre pots, and 470 mm for up to 90 Litre pots.


G-Pot Grid Legs

Transform your G-Pots Grid with G-Pots Grid Legs to create a reliable pot stand. Version A is designed for 330 mm and 440 mm base grids (30 L and 50 L pots respectively) while Version B is suitable for the 470 mm base grid (90 L pot). If necessary, Grid Legs can be conveniently shortened. Both Grids and Legs are stackable, allowing for straightforward and cost-effective shipping and delivery. As an eco-friendly alternative to foam stands, G-Pots Grid and Legs are your ideal choice.

Please Note: Each base requires six legs.

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