Global Garden Friend Fully Adjustable Ultimate Plant Cage

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Global Garden Friend Fully Adjustable Ultimate Plant Cage

The Ultimate Plant Cage is the first ever fully adjustable plant cage. The unique patented design opens up your plant and allows light to penetrate from fruit to root, with the purpose of increasing your plant’s production and health.

Six Reasons to use the Ultimate Plant Cage (U.P.C.)

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • First-ever Fully Adjustable Plant Cage
  • Opens up your plants and allows light to penetrate from the fruit to the root of your plant
  • Branches and Fruit are secured in the UPC – no more falling down
  • The UPC is the Ultimate Garden Organizing Tool – no more nasty, chaotic, and embarrassing gardens for you
  • The UPC makes it simple to turn or alternate potted plants WITHOUT damaging them

Tired of dealing with all the mess sometimes? So were we. That’s why we created the Ultimate Plant Cage. It’s the first-ever FULLY ADJUSTABLE plant cage. The Ultimate Plant Cage’s unique, patented design OPENS up your plants to the sun and lets those nourishing rays penetrate from the fruit to the root.

The cage revolves around a stable, durable, and 100% recyclable plastic base and six adjustable support poles that direct your plant’s growth but do not stunt it. The poles extend up to 36” – giving your plants plenty of room to grow.

Having a well-supported plant through each stage of growth not only gives it the greatest exposure to incoming light, but it also allows for better airflow and less stress on young stems. This better airflow also ensures that you won’t have stagnation of air in the middle of the plant which is a perfect breeding ground for bugs, and molds.

The Ultimate Plant Cage is the best teacher your plants ever had. It gives them room to grow but hovers nearby to make sure they’re heading in the right direction. It doesn’t smother them with unneeded attention, stifling their growth – but it doesn’t ignore them and let them get into all kinds of trouble.

Using the device’s simple, snap-together design, your plants can be turned or moved with NO fuss. No more annoying afternoons spent wrestling with cheap metal plant cages, or annoying trellis netting. And best of all, with the Ultimate Plant Cage, the branches and fruits of your plants are fully secured to the support poles.

The Ultimate Plant Cage doesn’t just work great in your potted plants – it works in any medium. Your plants will thrive in Rockwool, soil, and Expanded Clay (LECA).

It works great with many different types of plants. We recommend plants up to 3-4 feet such as any type of vining plant, pepper plants, smaller tomato plants, orchids, flower arrangements, etc.


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