Grodan Rockwool Propagation Blocks & Cubes

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Grodan is a leading producer of premium quality rockwool for hydroponic and horticultural purposes. Established in 1969, they distribute their growing substrates to more than 60 countries, with farmers, growers, and gardeners around the world relying on their rockwool for optimal results.

As the premier hydroponic growing medium, Rockwool blocks remain the top choice for commercial and hobby applications. These blocks offer a cost-effective and tidy solution, serving as an inert substrate that effectively retains both water and air. With this, you have complete control over the nutrition of your plants.

Grodan's Rockwool Propagation Blocks & Cubes are available in 1.5-, 3-, 4-, or 6-inch square sizes, with options of no-hole or large-hole versions. The no-hole blocks are ideal for rooting cuttings and germinating seeds, while the larger-hole blocks are designed for growing and transplanting smaller blocks or other starter blocks (such as Jiffy or Root-!t).

Being completely inert and free of nutrients, rockwool allows for complete control over the feed given to plants. This grants precise management of pH and EC levels, ensuring that plants only receive what is intended.

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