GT Chilli Focus Nutrient Concentrate For Chilli & Capsicum

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GT Chilli Focus Nutrient Concentrate For Chilli & Capsicum

GT Chilli Focus is specifically formulated for use in the growing of Chilli and Capsicum. GT Chilli Focus contains a complete mineral profile which will give your chilli plants everything they require for rapid growth and abundant flowering and fruiting. Suitable for both hydroponic and soil growing.

GT Chilli Focus is tailored to meet the exact nutritional needs of chillies and peppers. Unlike general purpose feeds, this special commercial nutrient formulation is free of urea and formulated to support the growth of healthy, strong plants with richly colored, juicy fruits. Manufactured with Growth Technology's (GT) revolutionary Single Part Technology (SPT) and the highest quality raw materials, this nutrient concentrate provides a complete profile of all 12 essential minerals to help your chilli and capsicum plants thrive. Focus Range offers the precise nutrition your crops need to succeed.

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