GT Fulvic, Hydroponic Fulvic Acid Concentrate

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GT Fulvic, Hydroponic Fulvic Acid Concentrate

GT Fulvic is the perfect plant supplement.  Fulvics have been shown to have almost countless benefits for plant growth including, but not limited to the following:

  • Increased root size and function
  • better survival for seedlings, clones and transplants
  • faster nutrient uptake
  • more efficient use of nutrients
  • Better bloom-phase growth leading to larger yields and harvests
  • increased plant biosynthesis of flavour compounds and terpenoids
  • enhancing plant natural resistance to disease and pests
  • stimulate growth by enhancing cell division
  • increase quality and quantity of flowers and fruits
  • and many many more!

What is fulvic acid exactly?

Fulvic acid is a black powder mined from peat and coal deposits. It is in fact a mixture of several acidic organic chemicals and not just one compound. Fulvic acid is biochemically active and has some effect on plant growth and development. The chemicals are the products of decay from plants that lived millions of years ago. GT Fulvic is a concentrated water based solution of fulvic acid. It needs to be diluted before use.

What does it do then?

The main benefit of putting GT Fulvic into a hydroponic nutrient solution is that it increases the uptake of mineral nutrients by the plant. This is of great benefit to the plant and produces several effects including enhanced cell growth which naturally leads to increased plant growth.

Fulvic acid also increases the rate of transportation of minerals within the plant. Cell membrane permeability to minerals is increased and cell division is stimulated.

How does it do it?

Fulvic acid interacts with nutrient minerals by acting as a chelating agent. It forms a loose bond with the mineral that has the effect of making the mineral more readily absorbed by the roots. Fulvic acid is absorbed along with the mineral and the chelating effect also makes the transport of the mineral within the plant more efficient. These effects make for better plant growth.

OK, how do I use GT Fulvic?

GT Fulvic is very concentrated and needs to be diluted in nutrient solution before it can be used by the plant. GT Fulvic should be added to the nutrient solution whenever a fresh nutrient batch is made.

What about dose rates?

Fulvic acid is most effective in the concentration range between 50ppm and 125ppm in the nutrient tank.

2ml per litre of GT Fulvic = 50ppm fulvic acid

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