GT Ionic Bloom Hydroponic Bloom Nutrient Concentrate

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GT Ionic Bloom Hydroponic Bloom Nutrient Concentrate


This concentrated, single-pack nutrient from GT Ionic BLOOM is perfect for hydroponic systems, but it can also be used as a liquid fertilizer for traditional cultivation. This specialized formula contains all essential minerals in precisely balanced amounts, and the minerals are instantly absorbable by plants.


Ionic Bloom is enriched with increased levels of potassium and phosphorus, making it a superb choice for feeding plants when they enter their flowering or fruiting stages. While it cannot induce flowering or fruiting, Ionic Bloom ensures that plants receive the proper nourishment during these expansionary periods.

  • Formulated with proprietary Single Pack Technology (SPT)
  • Comprehensive, pH balanced nutrient blend
  • Minimal residue and sediment-free solution
  • Offered in ‘Grow’ and ‘Bloom’ versions
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