GT Silica. Soluble Silica Concentrate for Hydroponic

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GT Silica Soluble Silica Concentrate for Hydroponics

GT Silica is a highly concentrated source of bioavailable Silicon, a key nutrient necessary for plant health. Recommended for hydroponic systems, the Silicon in GT Silica helps to fortify plant cells and create a barrier against water loss, funguses and pests.


Silicon is the second most abundant earth element, comprising a portion of the majority of rocks. Plants assimilate silicon from silica that has dissolved in the soil water, however these concentrations may not exceed 20 ppm due to the low solubility of rocks. This 20 ppm concentration rate is recommended when cultivating hydroponic nutrient solutions.

GT Silicon is a highly concentrated combination of silicic acid and potassium hydroxide, commonly known as potassium silicate. This potent blend provides an ideal method of introducing silicon into hydroponic nutrient solutions.

Silicon plays an essential role in the health and strength of plant cells. Plants absorb silicon and incorporate it into their cell walls, creating a protective barrier against invaders like insects and fungi. This protective barrier also increases plant resilience to challenging environmental factors such as heat and drought.

Silicon is classified as a "beneficial nutrient," meaning that while not essential, it can lead to enhanced growth and development in plants. Silicon's presence can reduce plant stress caused by its absence in nutrient solutions.

Usage Guide

GT Silica contains a concentrated, soluble form of silicon which must be added separately to nutrient solutions to ensure the availability of the element for plants. When added to the nutrient tank at a rate of 1ml per litre of solution, GT Silica will provide plants with the recommended 20ppm silicon concentration in hydroponic systems. For run to waste systems, add GT Silica when preparing the nutrient solution; for recirculating systems, add it to the tank weekly.

GT Silicon is an alkaline compound, so pH levels of the nutrient solution should be checked after its addition and adjusted appropriately. Caution should be taken when handling this substance, as it should not make contact with skin or clothing. Good practice dictates that GT Silicon should be kept away from children.

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