GT Super PK Bloom Booster Concentrate

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GT Super PK Bloom Booster Concentrate


GT Super PK enhances fruit and flower quality and quantity via increased potassium and phosphorous concentrations in the nutrient solution. Ideal for use during the flowering and fruiting stages, this additive increases nutrient levels for abundant crops.

Super PK is a concentrated blend of phosphorous and potassium. P and K signify phosphorus and potassium respectively (deriving from the Latin word Kalium). This plant nutrient additive is ideal for flowering and fruiting periods.

Phosphorus is essential to the cell, for it functions within nucleic acids like RNA and DNA. These two molecules are involved in cell multiplication and growth. ATP, a molecule containing phosphorus, is responsible for energy transfer within cells. Additionally, phosphorus is present in cell membranes, playing a role in the uptake of nutrients from the growing medium.


Potassium is the mineral nutrient after nitrogen that plants require in the highest amount. It is fundamental for a plant's ability to tackle outside stresses, such as pathogens, drought, and frost. Potassium is also essential for osmoregulation, the management of the quantity of water inside cells.


Ultimately, the quality and health of fruits and flowers, as well as their resistance to pests and diseases, flavour, and more, are all impacted by GT Super PK Bloom Booster Concentrate.

Super PK is a late-stage nutrient additive designed to increase the phosphorous and potassium levels in the nutrient solution.

Usage Guide


Super PK Bloom Booster Concentrate should be applied at a maximum rate of 5mls/Litre of nutrient solution, increasing the EC of the solution by 0.7mS. In Run-to-Waste systems, the Super PK should be added when initially mixing the nutrient solution, while Recirculating systems should administer a dosage each week.

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