House & Garden Aqua Flakes A&B

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House & Garden Aqua Flakes A&B

House & Garden Aqua Flakes are designed to meet the needs of recirculating systems. This complete base nutrient has been reformulated in the USA to be suitable for expanded clay, rockwool, growstone, and other hydroponic cultivation styles.

The concentrated nature of this liquid promotes the rapid transport of nutrients from fertilization to the plant's leaves. H&G's proprietary blend and formulation enables a well-balanced combination of essential nutrients for medical-grade cultivation outcomes. This leads to better pH levels, improved nutrient absorption, accelerated plant growth, and consistency in EC levels.

Aqua Flakes feature a precise balance of essential macro and trace elements in readily absorbable forms to ensure efficient nutrient uptake and comprehensive nourishment during every stage of the plant's life cycle. Suitable for both vegging and flowering.


House & Garden Aqua Flakes are a high-grade base nutrient, developed in the Netherlands to be utilized in all recirculating hydroponic systems (e.g. NFT, flood and drain). Containing the necessary nutrients for growth in this kind of system, this product ensures excellent performance and quality.

  • Custom-formulated base nutrient tailored to recirculating hydroponic systems.
  • Expertly crafted by renowned Dutch manufacturer House & Garden.
  • Utilized in both growth and bloom phases for optimal plant development.
  • Compatible with House & Garden additives and boosters.
  • No separate grow and bloom formulations required.
  • Countless satisfied customers swear by House & Garden nutrients.

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