House & Garden Bud-XL

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House & Garden Bud-XL


House & Garden Bud-XL possesses the exceptional capability of extracting sugars from plant leaves and relocating them to the fruit or flowers. This process increases the sweetness of the fruit and improves its flavor, in addition to amplifying the size and vigor of the flowers. Employing a unique blend of enzymes and complex sugar blends, Bud-XL facilitates the natural energy transport within the plant, and is efficient when applied in hydro, coco, or soil for any flowering or fruiting plant species.


House & Garden Bud-XL applies enzymatic mechanisms to draw sugars from the larger bracts and accumulate them in the fruits or blossoms. This contributes to bigger, tastier and healthier fruits, as well as increased flower size and a more vibrant hue and quality.


Dilution rate of Bud-XL is 1 mL per Litre



Incorporate Bud-XL into the nutrient mix four weeks after the first flowers have developed, continuing until the generative period ends.


For best results, follow our Feed Chart guide for Hydro, Coco or Soil.

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