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House & Garden Top Booster


Top Booster is a potent PK13/14 Booster that optimizes flower growth. Horticultural research reveals lessened Nitrogen (N) use and increased vigor when plants receive precisely calibrated boosts of Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) during the generative (floral) period. This results in decreased leaf and stem growth as more energy is focused towards the flower sites.



Top Booster delivers a precisely balanced blend of PK nourishment to encourage more robust fruit set and bulk. Its specially formulated Iron (Fe) combats chlorosis in leaves and stimulates the production of hormones responsible for accelerated floral development and fruit ripening. This also reduces growth height and tightens internode distances. For optimal results, apply during halfway through flowering for one week in any hydroponic or soil grow.




Dilution rate of Top Booster is 1.5 mL per Litre.


Use Top Booster for one week, four weeks before harvest.

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