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HY-GEN COCOBLOOM is a specialized nutrient for cocopeat designed to ensure optimal flowering and fruiting. Formulated with high levels of phosphorous, potassium and trace elements, it is an essential supplement for plants transitioning from the growth period to flowering and harvest.

HY-GEN COCOBLOOM is an optimal flower and fruiting blend designed to amplify your garden's growth. Carefully formulated to balance nitrogen and phosphorous levels, as well as major and minor elements for maximum accessibility, the blend is completed with a natural kelp extract to nourish roots. Give your plants the balanced nutrients they need to bloom and thrive.

HY-GEN COCOBLOOM helps to initiate flowering and improve yield by providing essential nutrients in the form of phosphorous, potassium and trace elements. This advanced formula ensures optimal ratios for improved colour, flavour and yield, so plants are both healthy and productive.

When To Use

HY-GEN® COCOBLOOM provides optimal nutrition for fruiting and flowering plants during their reproductive cycle. Use it only once buds and fruit have started to form for maximum performance, as well as regularly flushing and testing your system to prevent nutrient and plant waste buildup.


Download HY-GEN COCOBloom Information Sheet
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