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HY-GEN COCOGROW is a specially formulated vegetative nutrient for cocopeat. Carefully balanced major and minor elements ensure maximum availability, while natural kelp extract conditions and stimulates healthy root growth. With additional calcium to ensure high flower retention in the late growth stage, HY-GEN COCOGROW helps maximize yields.

HY-GEN COCOGROW provides all the necessary nutrients to fuel your plants through the important growth-to-flower transition. With the perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements, your plants will experience rapid stem and leaf growth, while maintaining strong cell development and structure.

HY-GEN COCOGROW is the perfect growth specific nutrient for the first stages of flowering. Its unique formula is designed to work in conjunction with HY-GEN COCOBLOOM to provide an optimal transition for your plants, helping you to achieve maximum results. Try combining the two for the ultimate flowering experience!

When To Use

HY-GEN COCOGROW gives your plants an essential nutrient boost during the growth stage. Use it until buds and fruit form, and flush regularly to prevent build up of plant waste for optimal performance.

Download HY-GEN COCO Growth Information Sheet

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