HY-GEN Nitro-K


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HY-GEN Nitro-K

HY-GEN Nitro-K is a formulated using organic based nitrogen, potassium and chelated trace elements designed to replenish nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) supply in your nutrient solution during the growth stage. Research has shown that during vegetative growth stage high levels of N and K are extracted from the nutrient solution by the plants in just a few days. Adding Nitro-K to your nutrient tank during the plants growth cycle will ensure that you have a steady supply of nitrogen, potassium and trace elements during this critical time. Nitro-K has been formulated with high levels of chelated Fe and chelated Mn and also includes other chelated minor trace elements important for plant metabolism. Using NITRO-K regularly gives your plants a continued supply of valuable when they are most needed. When used as a foliar spray it can quickly correct nutrient deficiencies, keeping your plants in top health.

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