HY-GEN Omegazyme Sea Kelp Growth Stimulator


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HY-GEN Omegazyme Sea Kelp Growth Stimulator

HY-GEN Omegazyme is the perfect nutrient supplement and is derived from carefully prepared natural sea kelp.  Its prepared using a cold press method, which does not damage the natural organic compounds.  Omegazyme increases the level of cytokinins and enhances nutrient and moisture uptake.  The higher level of cytokinin provided to the plant increases vegetative growth, plus helps to increase yield and overall plant quality.  Omegazyme has a broad application base and can be used in the following applications; as a conditioner, in hydroponics, a foliar spray, propagation and cuttings and as a seed soak.

OMEGAZYME features organic-bound, readily absorbable, trace elements to stimulate root repair and growth, while encouraging new vegetative growth. These ingredients aid in the natural transport processes in the plant rhizosphere, effectively augmenting it like a tonic. OMEGAZYME reduces stress caused by drought, over-watering, nutrient deficiency, and root diseases.


Excellent for new cuttings, it's effective on all plants and safe for use in aquaponic systems. It's also an ideal pre-conditioner or pre-soak for cocopeat. For best results, utilize OMEGAZYME until flowers and buds take shape, transitioning into SEAESSENTIALS for fruit production to reach maximum yield potential.

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