HY-GEN Sea Essentials Sea Kelp Bloom Stimulator


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HY-GEN Sea Essentials Sea Kelp Bloom Stimulator

HY-GEN Sea Essentials is a special blend containing kelp, seaweed and sea grass, all selected for their nutrient-rich content and role in plant health. This unique formulation encourages flowering and fruit production, featuring plant amino acids and stimulants for nutrient uptake and beneficial microbes in the roots. Plus, Sea Essentials is lower in sodium than most other sea-sourced products and provides organically bound trace elements, plus iodine for human benefit.

Sea Essentials should be applied during flower and fruit development. For optimal fruit set and yield, use OMEGAZYME in the early growth phase, then switch to SEA ESSENTIALS when flowers and buds appear.

 Sea Essentials is suitable for all ‘run to waste’ and ‘re-circulating’ systems.

 Download HY-GEN Sea Essentials Brochure

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