Nanashi Evolutio Red (660nm) LED Grow Light Bars


Wattage: 60 Watt 60 cm Red (660nm)
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Nanashi Evolutio Red (660nm) LED Grow Light Bars

Nanashi Evolutio Red (660 nm) LED Bars offer growers the opportunity to enhance plant quality and harvest yield by adjusting light spectrum Red: Far Red balance. Red light radiation wavelength ranges from 620-750nm and is within the visible spectrum. This light has a strong influence on photosynthesis and the flowering process.

Red Light and Vegetative Growth: Red light optimizes chlorophyll absorption, promoting photosynthesis and thus producing essential sugars/carbons for growth. Vital for plant cell development. Red light optimizes photosynthesis rates and enhances plant size. However, most plants benefit from a more varied light source and plants grown only under red light may not attain expected traits. Such growth can lead to slender stems and fewer leaves (known as "etiolation"). Young plant growth is optimized with a combination of red and blue light, promoting faster photosynthesis than using a single color. This amplifies plant size, leaf quantity, leaf size, and chlorophyll content. To ensure best results, select a "full spectrum" lighting solution with a balance of red, blue, and other colors.


Red Light and Flowering: Red light significantly contributes to flowering via two channels. Firstly, it is necessary for photosynthesis, and thus, for the flowering process. Secondly, it can influence the timing of flowering in certain plant species. Photosynthesis is an energy-intensive process which typically increases plant size and flower density. To achieve a high yield, plants must be supplied steady amounts of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) during the vegetative stage. Furthermore, lighting can also modify the timing, amount, and size of flowers. Numerous studies have demonstrated that red light specifically increases flower production in some crops (i.e., cranberry, wheat, cannabis and strawberry).

Red light plays an essential role throughout the vegetative and reproductive stages of plant growth. While full-spectrum lighting usually leads to better outcomes than single or dual-colored lighting, the use of red light helps modulate the flowering period of many species and is also known to speed up the flowering rate in some.

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