Nanashi Multi-Watt Digital Plant Grow Light Ballast


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Nanashi Multi-Watt Digital Plant Grow Light Ballast

Nanashi Multi-Watt ballast is manufactured using the latest technology.  And is:
  • Suitable for use with either High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamps.
  • 4 switchable settings-250W, 400W, 600W and Boost (660W).
  • Runs cooler than traditional Ballasts.
  • Allows you to run 250W, 400W or 600W lamps.
  • More Efficient that magnetic ballasts (Output as Lumens per watt is higher).
  • Instant Start Technology- takes approx. 1 Minute to reach full radiance from the lamp
  • Silent in operation
  • 12 month warranty
    •  Allow lamps to cool for 20 minutes before attempting a restrike/re-ignight
    • Always use high quality lamps
    • Only use 600W HPS Lamp at Boost Setting)

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