Nanashi Propagator LED Grow Light Bars


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Nanashi Propagator LED Grow Light Bars

Nanashi LED Grow Light Bars are High Output and High Efficiency LED grow lights, outputting more plant usable light than the equivalent T5 Fluorescents of similar length.

With a balance full spectrum output, ideal for propagation of cuttings, seeds or growing plants indoors.

Each bar comes ready to use with its own switched cord and plug and hanging clips. Available in 3 sizes:

  • 12 Watt (29.5cm)
  • 18 Watt (47.5cm)
  • 24 Watt (57.5cm)

Connect the bars with the optional End Connector to make longer units or use the optional Daisy Chain cord to add multiple bars in parallel to produce brighter/stronger light output to suit your situation.

Nanashi LED Bars feature:

  • Built-in Driver
  • High Lumen output (110lm/W)
  • Long Life (50000+ Hours)
  • Full spectrum
  • Cool Operation

Optional light stands for 1 or 2 lights are available.

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