Pond One O2 Plus Air Blowers

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Pond One O2 Plus Air Blowers


Pond One 02 Plus air machines boast immense power, providing 35, 70, and 110 litres per minute of air output for large hydroponic systems, ponds, and filters. Included is a 10-gang splitter enabling multiple air stones to operate together, while Japanese silicone rubber cartridges facilitate reliable performance. Each 02 Plus model is outfitted with a 10m cable and is crafted to withstand outdoor conditions yet operates relatively quietly for indoor settings.


Features & Benefits:

  • High-volume, high-pressure air pump
  • Enables connection of up to 10 air stones (via 4 mm branch manifold)
  • High-grade long-life silicone parts
  • Twin air filters supply clean air to the pond by removing dust and pollution.
  • Outlet size is 1/2 (13mm) inch. 
  • 10m outdoor rated cable

Available in various sizes:

  • O2plus 4000 Max Flow Rate 2100 L/Hr
  • O2plus 8000 Max Flow Rate 4200 L/Hr
  • O2plus 12000 Max Flow Rate 6600 L/Hr


Model Air Output (L/hr) Power Consumption (W) Maximum Pressure (Pa) Outlets
O2 Plus 4000 2100 20 240 10
O2 Plus 8000 4200 47 38 10
O2 Plus 1200 6600 60 32 10



 Download Pond One Air Blower Manual

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