Rootex Rooting & Propagation Hormones

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Rootex Rooting & Propagation Hormones

With the active constituent Indole Butyric Acid, Rootex rooting hormones are used by both professional and the hobby growers Australia wide.

Available in three forms suitable for any situation:

• Rootex-P Rooting Powder.
• Rootex-L Rooting Liquid.
• Rootex-G Cloning Gel.

Product Active Ingredient Concentration
Rootex-P Rooting Powder  Indole Butyric Acid 3000 ppm (3 g/Kg)
Rootex-L Rooting Liquid  Indole Butyric Acid  4 g/Litre
Rootex-G Cloning Gel  Indole Butyric Acid  4 g/Litre

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