ROOTiT Rooting Gel

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ROOTiT Rooting Gel

ROOT!T Rooting Gel is a revolutionary product that has replaced the need for traditional hormone rooting powder. This gel contains no hormones and relies on a physical mode of action to work.

With the handy bottle tip, this gel can be used with stone wool plugs, peat plugs, coco coir fibre, compost and soil. However, for best results we recommend using with ROOTiT rooting sponges. This unique gel helps seal around cuttings helping to prevent infection and dehydration.

Suitable for all types of cuttings but hard wood cuttings will take longer to root.

Do not shake the gel as it is may cause the aqueous solution to become thinner – a thick gel is required to seal around the cutting.

TIP: Always use a sterile equipment such as a scalpel, to prevent plant disease. A protective seal will encase the cutting when placed immediately into the ROOTiT Rooting gel.

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