The Funguy CO2 Generator Bags


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The Funguy CO2 Generator Bags

The FunGuy WA CO2 bags offer a natural, cost-effective, and simple method for providing CO2 to your plants in a hydroponic tent or greenhouse. Simply place a CO2 bag above your plants and let it work its magic! There's no need for costly generators, regulators, or monitors.

The FunGuy WA utilizes a particular fungi strain and a specially formulated organic substrate, which ensures robust growth, high CO2 production, and a low rate of fruiting, thereby extending the duration of CO2 production.

How does it work?

As the fungi within the CO2 bag proliferate, they naturally consume oxygen and emit carbon dioxide (CO2). This process is the reverse of plant gas exchange, making them ideal partners. The CO2 produced can be delivered to your plants via a gas exchange filter on the bag.


Simply position The FunGuy WA CO2 bag above the height of your plants in a greenhouse or hydroponic tent. Since CO2 is denser than air at the same temperature and pressure, it will settle around the plants below. Ensuring air circulation within your grow tent can prevent CO2 from becoming stagnant at the bottom of your grow room.

How long does it last?

The FunGuy WA CO2 bags have a lifespan of up to six months; however, for optimal CO2 levels, it's advisable to alternate by adding a new CO2 bag every three to four months. For example, begin with one bag, introduce a new one at the three-month mark, and at six months, replace the original bag with a fresh one.

The FunGuy WA CO2 bags may change in color from brown to white. Initially brown, they gradually become white as the mycelium colonizes the substrate. This color transition is a normal process.

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