Twin Speed Fan Controller, Thermostatic Temperature Adjustable Climate Control


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Twin Speed Fan Controller, Thermostatic Temperature Adjustable Climate Control


Maximize the efficiency of your grow room with our expertly designed Twin Speed Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller. With an easy setup and two power outlets, this controller can handle fans up to 320 watts (1.4amps) and adjusts the speeds for both intake and exhaust fans to maintain the perfect growing environment temperature. Utilizing internal functions, the Thermostatic Controller learns over time to maintain a constant fan speed and preset temperature. This results in optimal fan performance while minimizing power usage. Features include adjustable fan speeds, precise temperature control, and efficient power usage.



The controller features clearly marked sockets for Exhaust and Intake Fans, as well as an adjustable Idle speed knob ranging from 20% to 60%. This knob allows for the minimum speed of both fans to be set when the temperature falls below the user's preferred setting. Additionally, the Temperature knob can be used to set and maintain the desired temperature for your area. For optimal balance between the intake and exhaust fans, the Balance Knob can be adjusted to the desired differential. It's important to select the correct size fans for your area, and the display will show the target temperature and humidity level detected by the sensor. With a visible LED indicator, the unit can easily maintain and control the temperature, and also includes a built-in resettable overload circuit breaker. For convenient set up outside of the grow environment, the unit can be controlled with a remote probe temperature sensor. Be sure to position the sensor sensibly as it sends information to the controller, which will then adjust the fan speed accordingly.


 Please Note this controller is not suitable for use with EC digital fans

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